Quáy quét màu tự động SpectroJet

Quáy quét màu tự động SpectroJet

Quét thanh màu tự động nhanh

  • Measure a 40-inch press in less than 8 seconds
  • Device is automatically guided on rails
  • Move measurement head for “spot checks”
  • Software includes G7 control, and recommendations
  • for ink density adjustment needed for accurate color
  • Customers see 30% productivity increase
  • Add PressLink closed-loop to modernize your press

The SpectroJet, a “spectrophotometer on wheels”, automatically measures density and color values of process and spot colors, and simultaneously transfers the measurement data to a PC within seconds.

Easy to Use

The device is simply guided by hand along color test patches,with tracking wheels to ensure a straight run.


The instrument can be used for automatic scanning or as a hand-held device for “spot check” measurements